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Melina has interned as a credit reporter at Bloomberg, covering the municipal bond market. During her time there, Melina wrote breaking news and enterprise stories on high-yield and investment grade debt, as well as market dynamics, new bond issuances and public policy. Melina also worked closely with teams across the newsroom, covering wealth, transportation and migration. 

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NYC Upper West Side Moms Take On the Ballooning Migrant Crisis


California to Sell $2.6 Billion of Bonds to Buyers Seeking Shelter

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Housing-Bond Sales Hit 10-Year High as Mortgage Rates Stay Lofty

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S&P Eyes Credit Headwinds for Muni Market    in 2024

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NYC Subway Trains Hit Two People in Week Barrier Tests Begin

Screen Shot 2024-04-26 at 10.09.48 AM.png

New Jersey Commuters Deride ‘Really Ridiculous’ 15% Fare Hike

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Charter-School Stress Breaks Record With Pandemic Aid Ending

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Longtime Pennsylvania Liberal Arts College’s Rating Cut to Brink of Junk


Soaring Denver-Area Rents Spur $200 Million Student Housing Bond


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